World’s most expensive food “Bird Nest Soup” made from bird saliva a delicacy of China: Edible Bird’s Nests

When it comes to find world’s most expensive food then many of us not believe it is soup that uses birds Nest as primary ingredient for 400 years in Chinese cooking. These nest are very rear and among the most expensive animal products that consumed by humans. The retail price of bird nest is around 2,500 (US) per kilogram in Asia. People of China call it yàn wō that’s meaning is swallow’s or swift’s nest. They are solid when harvested and transformed into jelly with same consistency when boiled into soup.

Edible bird's nests

This strange sounding food has a long list of health benefits. These nests are made by cave dwelling bird’s swiftlets. These birds mostly live in limestone caves around the Pacific Islands, North Australia, in South and South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. Male swiftlets primarily build nest with their own saliva on high sheer rock walls inside pitch dark caves.

Because of the highest demand from mainland china and from other country these birds are encouraged to build their nests in artificially constructed concrete nesting houses.

Birds nest contain plentiful of protein and amino acid along all building blocks which are responsible for creating proteins. Scientist also discovered the presence of   testosterone and estradiol in these nest.

Nest constitutes anti-aging and anticancer properties and used in cosmetics as well. But these nests are also the main cause of anaphylaxis allergic reaction.

Removing birds nest from cave wall is one of the dangerous tasks and takes few hours. Male swiftlet take 35 days for constructing nest during the breeding season.

Birds nest are said to boost the immune system, nourish internal organs and strengthen respiratory functions of human body.

According to people the taste of bird’s soup is like basic chicken soup. Some other relates it tasteless and some of them say it has sweet and slimy taste.

These nests are very rear and said to have magical healing properties and only made by these birds in breeding season. These entire factors make it the most expensive food and provide a specific place in the list of Chinese food delicacy which can do magic in curing several diseases.