World’s Most Amazing Natural Events The “Rain of Fish”: Lluvia de Peces

Raining fish is unusual event for many of us but this is not unusual in Central America country Honduras also known as Republic of Honduras where in the capital city of Yoro a strange natural event occur yearly here fish fall from the sky during very heavy rains. Honduras is experiencing some inexplicable weather event ” Rain of Fish “ every year for the past 100 years .Local people of this city celebrate this natural strange weather phenomena by organizing festival de Lluvia de Peces (Rain of Fish) since 1998.They celebrate this festival by arranging carnival and including parade where people of the city take part deliberately.

According to the story in 1855 Spanish priest Father José Manuel (Jesus de) Subirana was arrived in capital city of Honduras and he was very upset to see the poor people of Honduras. He prayed for the people for continues 3 days and 3 nights after his prayers people saw very dark cloud on the horizon. At that day heavy rain falls down and lots of the fish come down from the sky along with heavy rain and first time people of Honduras become witness of fish rain. Then now this strange natural phenomenon is repeated every year.

Rain of Fish
There are various explanation associated for this weird natural phenomenon according to scientist fish rain cause by strong winds or waterspouts but this is not feasible for Yoro, because it is 200 km away from the Atlantic Ocean and it is not possible for waterspouts or wind to collect fish from the open sea every year in May or June and bringing them directly to Yoro.

In other theory scientist found that fish that was raining were completely blind and they concluded that the fish actually not fall from sky instead of that they come from subterranean water current or cave system in reaction to seasonal changes. When heavy rain fall then it forced fish to come out from natural habitat like subterranean water current or cave system and when water gradually decrease then it leaves the fish stranded and people think fishes come out from the rain.

No one knows the real reason of fish rain. Fish rain often reported from various geographical locations of many countries.