Word Most Haunted Places in the World

No one want to encounter ghost in his room or during travel  to strange places everyone know from their ancestor that ghost are responsible for paranormal activities and can control human or even kill people.

Scientist from this age do not believe in ghost but within a specific time frame we heard read or watch something from people or news about place where paranormal activities happens and make us believe in ghost and spirits. People always avoid the places where ghost or spirits lives according to saga told by people of that place. These places blood-curdling stories make us frightening and give us real jolt of adventure. Here we share stories of haunted places and spirits who did not get peace and roam the arena of the living in search of revenge.

1. Spine Chilling Fort popularly named as Haunted Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan

bhangarh fort

2. An Abandoned and Cursed Ghost Village Kuldhara of Rajasthan

Kuldhara of Rajasthan

3. The Real and famous Haunted Story of Evil and Dangerous Annabelle Doll