Where Eggs are Soaked and Boiled in Urine “Virgin Boy Eggs” from Dongyang China

In most of the cultures no one  know the use of urine as cooking ingredient .Some of us astonished and think this is not possible and no one going to cook food with use of human urine. But this is very common in Dongyang City of China where people eat eggs that are soaked and boiled in urine of boys and known as Virgin Boy Eggs and in native language Tong Zi Dan as well. This cooking tradition has been going here for centuries and government of china referred this as intangible cultural heritage.

Virgin Boy Eggs

Eggs are boiled with urine collected from the primary school where ages of boys are under ten. Before boiling, an egg is soaked in urine of boys and during boiling fresh urine is added on boiling eggs so that temperature of egg not cross boiling point. Cooking done whole day until eggs’ shells are cracked and urine get well mixed with it.

These boiled eggs are costlier than regular egg and vendors who have been in this business for decades using the same process that their ancestor used for boiling egg in boys urine.

Vendor who supply urine to Egg selling vendor keep bucket in primary school toilets every day so that boy urinate in bucket.


Urine boiled eggs is remedy of many diseases according to people of city they believed that by eating these eggs they will not have any pain in their waists, legs and joints and will not get heat stroke. Many families consume these eggs in every meal.

But not everyone from the city like these eggs all has mixed review about this tradition. Some people not able to tolerate the strong smell that comes during boiling these eggs they relate this smell with smell that comes from slaughterhouses and Fish market. According to Doctors there are no extra health advantages and it definitely includes hygiene issues.