Voodoo Super Market for Unusual Rituals Akodessewa Togo

West Africa is witness of many rituals that many tribe practice in routine life for securing good luck and good health. All these rituals required special things like stone, horn ,bones ,unique animal body  parts with rare animal skull and unusual  Herbs  with  many kinds of stone which is very difficult to find .

Everything is very important for performing ritual if anything that is required to complete particular ceremony and it is missing then that ceremony is not accomplished.

To fulfill this demand a market required which fulfill these strange desired things.

For this there is a market in Togo’s Akodessewa the rare place to purchase everything that you never imagined see picture .


People troubled by illness having relationship problem or financial up downs they practice voodoo to solve such problems.

In this market we can buy dog heads, desiccated cobras, chimpanzee paws, gorilla skulls, elephant feet, skins limbs and tails of various animal and many more. All these object possess divine and supernatural healing power which heal and protect people from various problems. According to believe Magician also required these unusual thing for performing their rituals.


Voodoo  merchants collect product from all over the west  Africa and they have something for everyone no matter what is your issue. They declare they can assist everybody in this world and offer people to come in Akodessewa who runs out of options.

Couples from different part of world who cannot have baby, sports person who want do extra ordinary in sports, Athletes want extra stamina for running all are welcomed and assist by Voodoo super market.


A black powder is made from herbs and animal part by grinding rubbed into the patient body and assumed that after this treatment they will come out from their problem for which they came on this market.

People who do not practice Voodoo also can purchase something for their home. This market attracts everyone with its magic.