Valley of Death Where Birds commit Suicide Jatinga Assam India

Assam is Indian province and Jatinga is small village part of Assam with lush green natural beauty and mountain. But this place is not famous for its beauty people know this place for entirely different reason its bird suicide mystery.

In every year during monsoon season in between September and November strange natural phenomena appear, several migratory and local birds commit mass suicide at this valley. This happen after sunset between 7 and  10 pm.


Everyone know birds never commit suicide and this event make people and scientist amazed. People of this village think at night evil spirit start working and brought bird down from sky. But this event put this small village into map of favorite tourist destination.

Kingfishers, Black Bitterns, Pond Herons, and Tiger Bitterns take part in unusual suicidal activity. These species are not known as suicidal species.

According to scientist birds do not commit suicide they get disoriented by fog and light and hit the walls, and tree some bird die instantly and other killed by villagers. In this village there is a special strip of land which is 1.5 km long and 200 meters  wide  at this place all suicidal activity take place other than this place no  bird do suicide. Scientist says many birds that do suicide come here by travelling long distance lost their natural habitat due to flood and other natural disasters.

But no one know the reason why these bird travel at night and do suicide at particular place , not on other part of village. Why these bird not flew away when villagers try to attack on them. Why these bird not sleep in their nest at night and bird that lost their natural habitat only come here for suicide and  why they not choose other places which is same as Jatinga for living.

This suicidal incident required excess research. Local government  celebrate “Jatinga Festival”  since  2010 for this suicidal activity.