Unsolved Mystery of Black Hole a Star Eater

It’s very interesting to know there is place in universe where light cannot escape from gravity. Gravity is so strong that light only pass if it has more speed than now. Means light need to travel with speed more than299 792 458 m / s which seems impossible because until we don’t know anything which cross this speed limit.

This object is called Black hole and such object have  very strong gravitational pull and  formed  by dying star  .All matter of dying star  squeezes at one  point. Because light did not come back from these object so no one is able to see Black hole.

Black hole observed by scientist by studying star behavior which is near it. Black holes comes with various size big , small and largest .

Smallest Black hole size similar  as an atom and mass equivalent to mountain. Steller is other type of Black hole which is 20 times of our sun mass. In every galaxy  Steller  Black hole exist .Largest Black hole also known as supermassive Black hole  revealed at  center of every galaxy.

In Milky way one of this kind of Black hole  present at center of  Sagittarius constellation. This is comparable with mass of four million times of suns. Average mass of supermassive black hole is one million times of our sun mass.

At the beginning of universe the smallest Black holes formed. Steller Black hole take birth as the result of supernova explosion while supermassive black hole come in existence when galaxy taking birth.Star that passes close to  black hole get torn and this process continue until  black hole swallows all the star this process is not sudden but depends on the size of star and black hole


 Some fact which we must need to know about Black Hole.

  • If   someone jumps in Black hole then according  to quantum effect of physics  that person burn out instantly because horizon of black hole act like wall of fire.
  • Black hole never split into two parts but two Black holes merge and make bigger black hole because surface area of black hole only increase it is not supposed to decrease.
  • Surface of black hole or horizon of black hole is smooth and   round perfectly every time.
  • Time behaves different at black hole  horizon .Time appears  stop at horizon in other word there is no time. When someone travel towards horizon of black hole than time appear slower but person observing time  outside black hole it appears normal. This property open door for time travelling, one can travel in time.
  • Black hole having same mass as our sun possess same gravitational pull. That means it not swallows our earth. Our earth still orbiting black hole same as sun.  That’s why this universe not ended by Black hole.