Unexplained Missing Universe Supervoid a Cold Spot in Space

When we think about universe, then we imagine it with different size of  stars, planet moon with clouds which is responsible for stars birth. Universe is interesting place and full with mystery that still to discover.One of them is supervoid or cold Spot which is  free  from everything nothing is there.Its size is 1.8 billion light years.In this size 10,000 galaxies can exist.

Scientist created a map with cosmic microwave background (CMB).Which explains energy distribution when our universe was taking birth. With the help of Nasa Wide Field Survey Explorer satellite and the ground based telescope Pan-STARRS1 astronomers identify an huge ‘hole,’ or supervoid .

This  supervoid exist  in Eridanus constellation which is 3 billion light-years away from our Earth. This space void is free from gases ,stars and  all matters which is responsible for formation of visible universe. This place is also strangely vacant from unexplainable dark matter that permeates the cosmos.


Our universe in expanding at remarkable rate after big bang .According to Law of gravity everything attract each other, according to this law two galaxies attract each other and at any time they can collide but this never happened in such cases they merged and formed bigger galaxies .This event give clues to scientist that there is some other energy which is present and invisible. This invisible energy is dark matter.

Scientist explaining this cold spot with strange theory which is not known before according to researcher when light travels through the void in stationary universe then it regains its energy.

it is like climbing mountain .while climbing ,light loose energy and when it comes  down the hill or come  out from void then get some energy back . But our universe is not steady  and at the time when light enters at void it getting apart from denser  universe and travel in  less opaque  medium.

Take this as a mountain which becomes flatter because of expansion. When light travel down to hill then it not gains its energy back and leave that place colder than other with longer wavelength. Because at the entering time mountain is not flat and when light leave the hill then it is not able to collect its energy which it lost during climbing straight hill.

This super void is only place where nothing exist and still it effects  light and point on something mysterious which is not visible and known to us. Some scientist says this is the evidence of Dark energy and provide proof of  expanding universe.