Truth about the Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp is an UNDERSEA NIGHTMARE and one of the most creatively violent animals on earth. It has two raptorial appendages on the front of its body.

These accelerate with the same velocity as a gunshot from a twenty-two caliber rifle, and in less than three thousandths of a second can strike prey with 1,500 Newtons of force.

Their limbs move so quickly the water around them boils in a process knows as SUPERCAVITATION.

When these cavitation bubbles collapse it produces an UNDERSEA SHOCKWAVE that can kill prey even if the mantis shrimp misses its target.

The force of these collapsing bubbles also produces temperatures in the range of several thousand Kelvins and emits TINY BURSTS OF LIGHT. This effect is called SONOLUMINESCENCE.

Mantis shrimp kills its prey using murder sticks. It bashes other animals to pieces, smashing apart crabsm mollusks, oysters,and octopi until deliciousness start squirting out.

Their limbs are so resilient, researchers have been studying their cell structure for use in the development of advanced body armor for combat troops.