Treat to the eyes The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh

A strong pillar is said to be the strong foundation of a building. If a pillar is strong the building will be strong enough to handle various types of natural calamities like earthquake, heavy rainfall etc. But have you ever thought of a pillar which is hanging and a large building is built on that pillars. But, yes, this is true.

There is a small ancient village in Lepakshi which is situated in Andhra Pradesh where the pillars are hanging. People used to believe that this is an act of God because pillars hanging without any support are not an easy thing to think of. There are around 70 pillars in the temple and one of them hangs from the ceiling.

This is really a strange place. It would be a treat to eyes by actually visiting this strange place and to try our self by passing the object under the pillar just to check whether it is true or not. It was also noticed by the British Engineer that few pillars are dislocated from the novel position. He tried to find the fact behind the hanging pillars but he fails to reveal the secret behind the strong support of the pillars.

India’s biggest monolithic Nandi

When you will reach this temple, you can find an immense Lord Ganesha which is carved on stone and it is inclined against a rock. Near to this, there is an abrupt huge Naga with three spirals and seven hoods. The whole view gives a look of sheltering black colour Shivalingam made of granite. The front of the temple places a huge Nandi (bull) and it is known to be the largest in India.  The people who are living nearby have a strong belief that passing the object(s) will bring wealth and prosperity in their life. They also believe that visiting this place bring peace and harmony in the family atmosphere.

Seven hooded snake protecting big shiva linga