The World’s most Bizarre and Weird food to Try

People around the world are amazing and they have their own traditional dishes and delicacies that may appear unusual for other people living in different region. This is not easy to understand why people around the world eat everything which is prohibited in different country and religion. Take a look on bizarre and weird food around the world that is most popular in their respective region for pretty good reason and make your own perspective to try one of them in the future.

1.  An appealing but dreadful dish prepared of poached Cows Head and Feet- Khash


2. Bizarre “Offal” dish that use Organ as meats excluding Muscle and Bone of Animal


3. Where Eggs are Soaked and Boiled in Urine “Virgin Boy Eggs” from Dongyang China


4. Preserved Thousand-year-old raw Eggs a Delicacy of China: Century Eggs


5. World’s most expensive food “Bird Nest Soup” made from bird saliva a delicacy of China: Edible Bird’s Nests


6. Delicious and deadly as cyanide Toxic Fugu Fish dish: Japan’s poisonous delicacy

Fugu Fish dish

7.The World’s most expensive and rarest coffee made from Elephant Dung: Black Ivory Coffee

epa03499614 A Thai mahout use picks coffee beans out of elephant dung as part of the process to make Black Ivory Coffee, a coffee brewed from beans that have been through an elephant's intestinal system, at an elephant camp in Chiang Rai province, northern of Thailand, 07 December 2012. The coffee is made with Thai Arabica coffee beans that are eaten by elephants and after that processed into coffee. The coffee is about to be launched on international markets. The project employs elephant mahouts and their wives in northern Thailand who hand pick the coffee beans out of the elephant dung for sun drying and processing. Research suggests the digestive treatment breaks down the coffee protein reducing its bitterness. About 10,000 beans are picked to produce about one kg of roasted coffee. It costs about 10 us dollars per cup, or about 1100 US dollar per kg, making it one of the most expensive coffees in the world. High-priced coffee produced in a similar way through civet cats is already on the market. EPA/NARONG SANGNAK

8. The Most Dangerous rotten Cheese in the world with live insect larvae: Maggot Cheese Casu Marzu

Maggot Cheese Casu Marzu