The world’s last Matriarchy in Women’s Kingdom: Walking marriage In Mosuo Tribe of China

Walking marriages are not common in many religions so it surprises us when we hear about it but this is a common practice in Mosuo tribe that also known as Kingdome of women  a small tribe live in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China. This region is very close to with Tibet and approximately 50000 Mosuo populations live near Lugu Lake.  Many scholars refer them Na people and some spell them ‘Mosuo’ or ‘Moso’.

In Mosuo culture women rules in society and because of this Mosuo people society are a matrilineal. According to tribe law, here people recognize by mother name and Mosuo women can choose any partner of her choice and free to have several partners. They all are involved in heterosexual activity by mutual acceptance and same times both are free to break off relationships whenever they want. This practice of having multiple partners known as Walking marriage and child that take birth after making relationship is sole property of women and she is entirely responsible to raising child without asking any help from male who is father of child.


Male role ended with the birth of child but he can access the child whenever he wants but cannot claim fatherhood and take away child from mother. In Mosuo language there are no words like husband, marriage, mother and father so Mosuo children refer all older men including their father as Uncles.

In Mosuo tradition women of the family responsible for taking important decision has authority to control the family’s resources and they pass their surnames onto their children. Male of the family always live in his mother home and free to visit any women at night there is no restriction only mutual approval required between them. After spending night with women male return to their mother home at early morning.

Tribe Mosuo is somewhat same like Khasi tribe of India where they also follow same tradition but here Walking marriage are not  in practice here male lives in his mother-in-Law’s home after marriage and  property belong to daughter only.

Mosuo economy historically depend on farming, animal breeding and fishing but now Mosuo community gradually become major tourist destination and created a new and welcome source of income.