The Toughest animal ‘Water Bear’ that can survive even in Space Vacuum

Surviving in extreme condition of earth is different thing than surviving in space vacuum. If any species from earth reach in outer space then that species definitely will die. Space is one of the extreme conditions where thinking of living is not possible. Space is without pressure and gravity that force air from body to rush out and allow gases to dissolve in fluids of body that can stretch human body like balloon. Even if we survive from all of that then cosmic radiation will transform our DNA with cell as a result of death within few seconds.


But water bear formally known as Tardigrades having size around 1mm and visually observed under a microscope can survive from extreme space condition. In 2007 for a space experiment water bear sent to space and when they returned then many of them had survived and even laid eggs. Water bear is truly amazing animal and found at attitude of 18,196 feet of Himalayan region, in hot springs of Japan, at bottom of sea and at Antarctica region as well.

They can survive in pressure which is six times greater than the deepest ocean and can withstand with temperature 150 degree Celsius to -272 degree Celsius. They can live without food and water up to 10 years.

All this ability to survive in harsh condition make them ruler of animal realm but they are not eternal with increase in harsh environment condition their chances of death increases. They can be eaten by other animal when they are inactive during harsh environment time.

They develop a technique of survival in extreme condition of hot, cold and vacuum of space offer a way to scientist to improve the efficiency of electronic devices like solar cell, optical fiber and light emitting Diode. Scientist are developing glasses which have unknown properties to revolutionize our current computing with help of water bear glass like substance which it creates to protect itself from outer environment before going in inactive state.

super-Water Bear