The Temple of Lightning Bijli Mahadev Manali

Bijli Mahadev Temple situated near bank of Beas river in Manali district of India .This temple dedicated to Hindu god of destruction Shiva  at the altitude of 2450 meters  from sea level. This temple represents the architectural style of north Indian people who live in the foothills of the Himalayas with its famous 60 foot tall column.Specialty of this temple is that every year lightning strikes to Shiv Linga of this temple.

How this temple get its name has very strange story. Destructive lightening destroy this earth and to protect earth from this lightening Maharishi Vashishta do prayer to Shiva on top of this hill . As reply of his prayer Shiva absorbs lightening every year on his Shiv Linga which represents him. Because of this event this Shiv Linga gets its unique name Bijli Mahadev. In Indian language Lightening called Bijli and Shiva also Known as Mahadev.

According to priest of the temple every year lightning strike the Shiva Linga and breaks it into pieces. Before lightening on the temple the main priest of temple get all the information where all pieces of Shiv Linga scattered after lightening in his dream. After lightening priest find all the pieces of Shiv Linga and join them with the help of cow’s butter.


Native people says Whenever trouble come to people of this earth then Shiva the god of destruction takes all trouble on him in the form of Lightening. According to believe  people of earth always get rid from trouble because of Shiva .Shiva takes  all trouble of people  in various form of natural disaster and lightening is one of them which harm property and life of people. Because of these event people of this area always get protected from lightening.

No one knows why lightning strike to this particular Shiv Linga every year. Why it not strikes to other place of this mountain area. Why priest get the vision before this event in his dream .All this question make this lightening temple a mysterious temple.