The strongest creatures on Earth that can pull 100,000 times their own body weight: Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

Can you imagine lifting weight up to 10,000 tons? No, this is impossible for us and for this task we require the strongest creature and here we are enough lucky to know about gonococcus bacterium. A sex bug that is responsible for the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea disease. Each year 88 million cases of gonorrhea occur and in 2010 it was responsible for 900 deaths. It also infects the mouth, urethra, cervix, throat, rectum and even eyes.


But gonococcus bacterium is known for its super special power that gives it worldwide recognition and fame that these bacteria are able to pull 100,000 times their own weight. This super strength is not known in other creature till now.

Most of the bacteria use contractile filaments also known as pili for movement. According to bacteria type it can be up to 10 and its size can be 10 times longer than the bacterium itself. Gonococcus bacterium comes under type IV pili and these bacteria can combine the force of their pili together for gaining long and strong pulls.

The 1% of traction starts with short grabs and give the result as 10 times stronger pull than a simple short grab because bacteria have ability to multiply power gradually from one pili after another with equal amount of force that matching the initial pull with raised equal.

This bacteria produce power equal to one nanoNewton which is equivalent to a force 100,000 higher than compared to bacterium weight that is the strongest biological contraction ever recorded.

The ability of multiplying sort garbs with increments with equal force of the original pull till end of pili convince scientist to use this in nanotech devices .This study open a new paradigm for the creation of forces in the biological realm with retraction protein of the pili.


Gonococci have ability to hide itself from immune system by binding immune receptors cells as well because of this host never  develop an immunological memory against this bacterium and in future reinfection is possible. Scientist conducted many test on gonococci and lately it defeated almost all drug that they throw at it. They douse it with antibiotics but bacterium spits it out without any problem. This bacterium inactivates various drugs by breaking it half of active molecule. Gonococci have a natural ability for exchanging genes with living microbes, as well as usable DNA from dead microbes, and incorporating the genes into their own genomes. From decades these bacteria have a mass collection of antibiotic-resistance genes that making it more difficult to treat.