The Real and famous Haunted Story of Evil and Dangerous Annabelle Doll

Every girl child in the world wants to play with little cute doll but if doll is something strange like Annabelle then nobody wants to play with it. It is said so because of historic story behind this as the demonic spirit of doll kills its possessor.

This doll’s story begins in 1970 when a woman purchases an antique doll and presents it to her daughter Donna as a birthday gift. Donna decorated the gifted doll in her room. After few days, she felt strange movements in the doll.

After this, the strange activity begins in her house. They often saw the message written with blood on leather which was not available in the house. A message ‘Help Me’ was written and can be seen in each and every room of the house and the writing resembles a small child.

The doll always changes it positions whether the door is open or not. When family members came home visible blood stains appears on the doll’s front and back.

They were very scared of doll’s strange activity and then decided to take help from a paranormal investigator who gives services concerning spirits and ghosts. They call a person who spoke to the doll and informed the family members about the possession of child spirits in the doll.


The investigator who communicated with the doll reveals that the doll is affected with a spirit of child whose name was Annabelle. Seven years old girl Annabelle played and died at the same place where apartments were constructed where Donna lived earlier. Annabelle says that she feels good to be with Donna and she wanted to stay with her.  Donna gives her permission to stay but soon she feels that living with doll was a big mistake because the doll was effected with devil soul and not with child spirit.


Several people tried to eliminate the ghosts from the doll but all attempts were failed. Even the doll took so many lives during these attempts. Father Cook and paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren uses their magical chants and finally imprisoned the Doll in a glass showcase and they bound the glass showcase by magical power so that devil soul can never come out from that box. The doll is still kept inside the showcase where the visitors can view from outside and are not allowed to touch the doll and her showcase.

Inspired from a real story there was a movie named “The Conjuring“ which was released in 2013.