The Most heat tolerant and fireproof animals on Earth: The Pompeii worm

When it comes to creatures for living condition then we can imagine creatures who can survive on the hardest climate condition of Antarctica and desert present on earth. Life also survives at the highest mountain where oxygen is low. But we never imagine life which can survive on temperature which can melt us and pressure enough to crush any creature living on earth surface. But don’t afraid of  Pompeii Worm which live in deepest the darkest places of sea thriving in large colony and known as world’s hottest creature.

Pompeii worm is capable of tolerating temperature up to 80 degree Celsius.When French scientist was researching on hydrothermal vents in the  Galapagos Islands in the early 1980s then they discovered  it.

The living condition near Hydrothermal vent is Hellish because hydrothermal vents spewing toxic chemicals with high temperature. Pompeii worm color is pale grey and length is about 13 cm and on the head they have  red tentacle like gills. They have hairy back where Nautilia  profundicola bacteria  live and contribute some shield from heat .At the back of  Pompeii worm there are glands which provide feed to the bacteria.

Pompeii was a roman city that was destroyed in eruption of volcano name Mount Vesuvius. The internal temperature of the worm not measured yet .Pompeii worm lives near chimney of black smokers which emits a cloud of black material rich with dissolved minerals like sulfur-bearing and  sulfides.

Pompeii worm is difficult to study in laboratory because when scientist tried to take it in laboratory then it died because of low temperature and pressure.

Pompeii worm is most fascinating creature that inspire scientist to create  technologies which can control a process on extreme conditions and who know in future human also can survive on hottest desert with cool technology which is from Pompeii worm. Study of the Pompeii worm’s life can provide advance technology to pharmaceutical, biochemical, textile, detergent and , paper industries.

The Pompeii Worm