The Most Amazing Mimic Octopus of the world that can act like other Marine Species

In 1998 when group of scientist working at coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia then they discovered the mimic octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus ) . According to them this creature  is the most remarkable disguise artist of nature ever found. This octopus has natural ability to morph its body on the spot as shape of other marine species that around it.

One can be successful disguise artist if they have sharp imagination and enough intelligence to understand creatures behavior .This octopus is enough intelligent to  act like  Lionfishes, stingrays, flounders, giant crabs, sea shells, mantis shrimp, jellyfish, sea anemones and sea snakes. The mimic octopus with variety of mimic act may be one octopus with a great sense of humor than other.


Scientist also caught this octopus to mimic like furry turkey with human legs which seems like human divers who were filming it.

Mimic octopus has no skeleton because of this it can change shape or squeeze into tight spaces and remarkable skin that can change structure as spiky or smooth on a whim. It also had sacs of pigment which also known as chromatophores which can be expanded or contracted to produce instant changes of color and pattern. All this skill makes them masters of disguise in nature.

They mimic because their bodies lack of protective shell or skeleton and to compensate this they have to evolve incredible defenses mechanism and they chose to mimic of dangerous predators that no one want to encounter. In a sea when Damselfishes attack on mimic octopus then it mimics like banded sea snake which is natural predator of Damselfishes.


The mimic octopus total length is about 60 cm and natural color is a light brown or beige color. All octopus species are supposed highly intelligent and modify the texture and color of their skin to avoid predators until the mimic octopus was not discovered.

The Most Amazing Mimic Octopus of the world