The Largest known Star in this Universe

Our earth is comparable very small to our Super Star Sun. Sun is responsible for  every kind of life that we see today at our planet but when we compare our earth to size of sun then we get amazed .

when we calculate  the ratio of the Sun’s radius to the Earth’s radius then we get value 1,392,000/12756 = 109.1.It means that we required 109.1 earth to make one sun.

At this time we think this is pretty very big. But don’t hold your imagination here because our sun is average star of our universe and many stars are bigger than sun. For comparison to other star with sun we take a measure solar radii means (Sun = 1).

UY Scuti the largest star known in this universe with solar radii 1,708 mean it is 1700 times bigger than sun or in other word we required 1700 sun to make a star like UY Scuti.But its mass is 30times of sun mass.Which is not impressible figure at the heaviest star R136a1 which is 265 times heavier than our sun. But here we are discussing only size not mass.

Bright red supergiant star UY Scuti is the part of Scutum constellation which is 95000 light years from earth.When we compare this star size in our solar system by placing it at sun position then it occupies Jupiter orbit but radius is not known for certain so it may be up to orbit of Saturn.

When we compare our earth with this star then approximately 1,85,300 earth required to construct such gigantic size. We measure mass of star through gravitational interference with other star but in this case no visible star is close to UY Scuti so there is uncertainty in mass calculation. Solar radii 1,708 also contain error up to ± 192 means the star size can be 192 less or more than measured radii.

our sun compared to the largest known star UY Scuti