The Amazing City Here everyone is talking to Ghosts

Death is the biggest mystery of the world where everything is finished. After death what is and what is not is the greatest secret. And if we will try to understand it as much as, we will be involved in this secret because after death every religion describe situation differently.

After death several scientific researches conducted and different psychiatrists claims different things. According to psychiatrists after death existence of dead people still remains and if we will do some effort then we can make contact with dead person.

There are several ways to contact with dead person by which we can call the person spirit back in living world. After the death the physical body is exhausted and the person is present in the form of an energy or spirit. Therefore spirit or energy requires a means to contact them.

There is city in USA where half of the population claims that they have such power that they can become means or by using  other ways they can contact the individual soul of the other world.

People of the city claim to cure people suffering from the evil spirits. People from different part of the world come here to experience supernatural powers. Because of this specialty this is also known as Psychic Capital of the World.

Worldwide ‘Psychic Capital’ is the other name of the city Cassadaga. It is believed that most people who live here are knowledgeable of psychology and claim to interview with dead person souls.

In 1875 the town was built by New York’s spiritual guru George Colby. Gradually, people began to settle here, which itself became Spiritual Healers. Today, more than 100 spiritual Healers live here who claim to contact the dead souls. Every year thousands of people from worldwide come here to get rid of evil spirits. It is estimated that every year 15 thousand people come here which is basis for Cassadaga economy as well.