Temple Of Rats where they are worshipped Karni Mata Temple Rajasthan

If  you are afraid of rat then surely this place is not for you but if you get some courage and still want to visit this temple where Rat rules and people performed  their rituals  to Deity Karni mata without any fear. Then you are at right place .It is assumed that all rats lives in this temple are the children of Karni mata.

This Temple is 30 km from Bikaner, in Rajasthan, India. In this temple 20000 black rats lives called kabbas . Karni mata was the goddess Bikaner and Jodhpur states.

According to legend Karni Mata’s stepson try to drink water in Kapil Sarovar(Pond)  while  drinking water he fell into pond and died . When Yama, the god of death come to take soul of her son then Karni Mata requested him to  give her son life  back. After making many request Yama blessed her with all son’s life in the form of rat.

Visitors offer holy food to rats and eat holy food left by the rats. This is considered good thing for visitors. Killing rat accidentally is a sin .If any devotee do this sin then devotee have to pay silver or gold mouse statue and keep that into the temple as a sin premium.

Devotees of this temple also take care of rats from their predictors by providing iron grill around temple so that no one can  harms them.


Rat are responsible for many epidemic diseases like Plague but in this place no plague is reported from centuries. This thing make it very distinct place which is free from rodent diseases. Devotee called this as Karni Mata miracle who takes care of them from such things. No extra process of cleaning applied here.

Human and rat share special relation both know how to live here without effecting each other.