Temple of Miracles where 450 bombs dropped by enemy remains unexploded

Tanot mata temple located near Tanot which is 130 km away from Jaisalmer at India Pakistan border. This shrine is 1200 year old and highlights at 1965 India and Pakistan war.

According to story when India Pakistan involved in war then Pakistani troops dropped nearly 3,000 bombs  and 450 bomb at temple complex but due to divine power of goddess of this temple all bombs that dropped here remains unexploded. These bombs now turned into a museum of devotees who visit the temple complex.

Not only in 1965, once again  at  December 1971 when  Indian troops make cemetery  of Pakistani tanks by crushing  whole tank regiment at Longewala with Tanot mata divine power.  Longewala also nearby Tanot mata Temple. Soldiers tell a story that Goddess Tanot appeared in dream and assured them she will take care of all during  war and no one can  harm you during the war if they remain in the temple premises. Goddess Tanot is a great source of encouragement  for Indian troops deployed at  border area where Goddess Temple is located.

After the victory Indian army is taking care of temple. Goddess Tanot also known as Goddess Aavad and it is a form of Goddess Hinglaj which is  in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. These bombs now turned into a museum of devotees visit the temple complex is keeping.
According to story once upon a time there was a person name Mamdihya . Mamdihya had no children and he traveled  Hinglaj temple bare foot  seven times  which is in Baluchistan. One day Goddess  Hinglaj comes in Mamdihya  dream and asked his desire. Then Mamdihya   express  his desire to goddess to take  birth at his home as a child .


With goddess grace seven daughters and one son was born at Mamdihya home. Seven daughters was with Divine miracles and they began to show their wonders after birth .They protected  Maad state by the Hun invasion. With goddess grace Bhatii Rajput establish a strong Maad state and King Tanu  Rao  Bhatti made this place their capital and presented a golden throne to goddess.

No one explain the miracle of goddess that troop experienced at the war and why bomb not exploded is still unknown.