Temple for Dog Holy Canine worship Place

People show their love to animal in different ways if animal is dog then people have different views some take dog as friend some as guard. If dog is in Karnataka India, then people worship them along with Diety Nai Dolle Veerapa.They assumed that Dogs will save themĀ  from any problem.

Adjoining the Veeramatha Kempamma Temple, the small temple of two statues of the dog deity exist.

According to story centuries ago dogs were watching and guarding herd of ships and when they reached near temple then unexpectedly went missing. After constant effort to find a dog when there is no clue then Goddess Kempamma appeared and tells that she required the dog to guard her. After that devotee build a temple for worshiping dog. Then from now people involved in offering to temple and celebrate Makka Male festival .In this festival animal sacrifices are present to gratify Lord Veerappa.

Here dogs are treated as family member and people never served leftovers and throw food in front of them.