Strange Weird and Mysterious Places on Earth

The Earth is full of with strange and weird places.  Normal human cannot believe  easily on such paranormal events belong to these sites . The unexplained eventuality,  that occur at specific part of world  make us believe on such phenomena that not easy to interpret with help of knowledge that we know. These unusual  event and secret story behind it create our interest in such location.

Some of these locations are not  approachable and other are favorite tourist destination. Researcher and scientist still busy in searching answer .  Mysteries about  the Earth strangest places continues to reveal till enjoy this section about all cool ,bizarre and odd places. Make your own perception and decide which is most amazing all of that.

1.  Bermuda Triangle Where Ships and Airplanes disappeared under Mysterious Circumstances

Bermuda Triangle

2. Magnetic Hill that Pull Cars uphill against Gravity

Magnetic Hill

3. Mystery of Skeleton Lake Roopkund Lake India

roopkund Lake

4. Temple Of Rats where they are worshipped Karni Mata Temple Rajasthan


5. Temple for Dog Holy Canine worship Place


6. Voodoo Super Market for Unusual Rituals Akodessewa Togo


7. Mysterious Blood falls A Bleeding Glacier of Antarctica

Blood fall

8. Temple of Miracles where 450 bombs dropped by enemy remains unexploded


9. Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft Mayong Assam


10. Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev where Lingam size is increasing Every Year for unknown reason


11. The Door To Hell A Hellish Desert Pit Has Been On Fire Since 1971


12. The Temple of Lightning Bijli Mahadev Manali


13. A village with no door where God is Guardian Shani Shinganapur

shani-shignapur-home _without_door

14. Treat to the eyes The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh

Hanging Pillar

15. Mysterious Blood Red Alien Rain Falls in India

Red Rain

16. The Amazing City Here everyone is talking to Ghosts


17. Sailing Stones of Death Valley National Park California


18. World’s Most Amazing Natural Events The “Rain of Fish”: Lluvia de Peces


19. Amazing 500-year-old Mummified body of Monk Sangha Tenzing with Teeth and Hair: Gue Village Spiti India

Monk Sangha Tenzing

20. Strange Motorcycle God gets Liquor and Flowers as offering From his Devotee: Bullet Baba, Rajasthan

21. A place at Arctic that might someday save humankind: Doomsday seed Vault Svalbard

Doomsday seed Vault Svalbard

22.The Fascinating tale of Wish granting Parijat Tree: Kintoor India


23.Indian Deity Who Drinks Liquor Shree Kal Bhairav Temple Ujjain

kal bhairav  ujjain