Strange Motorcycle God gets Liquor and Flowers as offering From his Devotee: Bullet Baba, Rajasthan

It is a common practice by all the devotees to offer the flowers, prasad, sweets and many other items to God. But it is very strange to see someone offering all these items to a motor cycle. If you think that this article will be a joke, then you are wrong. It is true and you can visit a place known as Bandai in Rajasthan, where thousands of people offer alcohol, flowers etc. to a motorcycle God.

This has an interesting story behind. After reading this article, you will think of the movie – Tarzan. One person name Om Singh Rathore died in an accident, while he was riding a motor cycle. People say that he was drunk and his motor cycle was crashed into a tree.

The bike was taken to the police station for investigation. The police deflated the engine tank and the chain was put on bike. Then the next day it was astonishingly found at the place where the accident was held. First everyone thought that it was just a prank played by someone, but the policeman put chains on bike and was locked up in the police station. But the next morning, all the chains were broken and the motor cycle was found on accident spot.


After this incident, the bike was shifted to a new location and the tomb was built in memorial of Om Baba. This shrine is popularly known as Bullet Baba. He is also known as Banna and is popularly known as Om Banna. Daily many crosser-by bid the prayers. The spirit of Bullet Baba protects the travelers from accident. The devotees offer the flowers and bottle of liquor and the Baba blesses their devotees. The tree where Om Singh Rathore smashed, that tree has also gained importance as many couples and ladies tie the flamboyant bangles, strings etc. and ask for a long life.

The site where this shrine was created is being maintained by a local devotee. You can any time visit this strange place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and you can find lot of devotees offering prayers, flowers, liquors etc. and urging for a long life.