Strange customs and traditions in the world

We live in this world with people of different countries practicing unusual religion and customs. With beginning of civilization people from non-identical background believe in tradition which seem unique for other community but truly acceptable within group. Every community celebrate life event like birth, marriage, adulthood and death. On this life occasion they perform activity which they doing from many centuries from one generation to other. All bizarre tradition and customs which seems abnormal to other can be interesting for people to know why they execute particular practice.

1. Animal Weddings and Wedding with Animals


2. Spitting on New Born face to protect from Evil Eyes

Spitting On the Baby

3. Baby tossing and dropping from feet rooftop ritual

Baby tossing and dropping from feet(1)

4. Indonesian Dani Tribe who cut own Finger to show Grief


5. Feeding Dead to Vultures in Parsi Community


6. A village where dead children are married

Dead people marraige

7. One village where boys are considered unfortunate


8. Gods on Earth When men become gods Theyyam Kerala


9. Smashing a Coconut on head – A Dangerous ritual

Smashing a Coconut on head

10. Carnival of Menstruation The Bleeding Goddess Kamakhya Ambubachi India


11. Ancient Ceremony Walking with Dead and Cleaning Corpses of Toraja Indonesia

Cleaning Corpses of Toraja Indonesia

12.Fishing with Otters where Otters are Helping Fishermen to Catch Fish for Centuries: Bangladesh

Southwest Bangladesh is likely the only place in the world where otter fishing continues

13.Dead Human Flesh Eating cannibal Aghori monks of Varanasi India

Dead Human Flesh Eating  cannibal Aghori monks of Varanasi India

14. The world’s last Matriarchy in Women’s Kingdom: Walking marriage In Mosuo Tribe of China

Mosuo Women