Strange and Weird Animals on Earth

Our earth is only place known by us where life exists till now. The variety of life that we see  deviate, from place to place and obtain characteristics of territory condition where it evolves. There is no place on earth where life cannot take breathe.

Some of these animals seems like they are from other galaxy because of their unexpected features and only exists in a Sci-Fi movie which we watch. But all of them are evolving on earth and surprising us with unusual appearance and behaviors at harsh climate conditions of earth, where we can’t imagine living.

Wild adventurers and scientist exploring our earth unreachable places and continually identifying new species which not described by science before .Here in this section we will take a close look on strange creatures identified in these decades.

1. Scaly-foot gastropod Iron plated Snail of the Indian Ocean


2. Flying Fish of Oceans

Flying Fish

3. The Most heat tolerant and fireproof animals on Earth: The Pompeii worm

The Pompeii Worm of sea

4. Cat Parasite that Makes Mice Fearless Towards Cats by controlling Mind: Toxoplasma Gondii


5. Valley of Death Where Birds commit Suicide Jatinga Assam India


6. Army Ants commit mass suicide by making Circle of Death

Army Ants making ant mill

7.  Amazing Wood Frog Survive Being Frozen Alive

Frozen Frogs

8. The Toughest animal ‘Water Bear’ that can survive even in Space Vacuum


9. Amazing Carpenter Ants Commit Suicide by Exploding at will to Protect their Colony


10. Ants are used as Living Food Storage Vessels : Honeypot Ants


11. Parasite who replace his body with Host Organ for survival: Cymothoa Exigua


12. Farming Ants Grow Their Fungus Crops Like Farmer: Leafcutter ants


13. Fungus that chose Ants Brain to grow by rupturing Ant’s Head: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis

Fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis

14. The World’s Toughest and Extremely Radiation Resistant Bacterium: Deinococcus radiodurans

Extremely Radiation Resistant Bacterium

15. Bacteria that produce 24 Karat gold : Delftia acidovorans


16. Amazing Leeches that have 32 Brains with Six to Eight pairs of Eyes

Leeches Have 32 Brains

17. The Most Amazing Mimic Octopus of the world that can act like other Marine Species


18. Amazing Cuttlefish can spot prey before birth by seeing through Embryo

Amazing Cuttlefish can spot prey before birth


19. The strongest creatures on Earth that can pull 100,000 times their own body weight: Neisseria Gonorrhoeae


20. Strange and amazing Parasite that convert ants into ripe red berries to attract hungry birds: Myrmeconema neotropicum

Myrmeconema neotropicum_berries_ants

21. Interesting Bacteria that can switch to all four major types of Metabolism for survival: Rhodopseudomonas palustris

rhodopseudomonas palustris bacteria

22.The Flying tree Snakes of Asia: Chrysopelea paradisi


23.Amazing Cows found in Gir whose Urine contain Gold and Silver: India