Spine Chilling Fort popularly named as Haunted Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan

Do you ever think that ghosts or spirit exist in real? If you believe in ghosts then this exciting place might attract you because many people believe that ghosts and witches resides in this dilapidated fort which is widely known as Bhangarh or Bhangarh Fort which is situated in deserted area of Rajasthan.

We can reach Bhangarh Fort which is approximately 300 kms away from Delhi city. Many people don’t have an idea about the Bhangarh Fort because very few people dare to visit this haunted place. But help can be taken from Internet etc. regarding reaching this famous haunted place in India.

The Bhangrah Fort can be reached after crossing Ajabgarh Fort.

Many temples are built in that area but still people believe that when the clock ticks at around 8 pm, nobody dares to enter in that region. Many stories can be read out on newspaper, Internet, also from local people about the Fort but the fact is that whosoever tries to stay there after sunset is never found out and is lost in the Bhangarh fort. The doors are so confusing that nobody can actually predict that from where to enter and from where to exit. There are long shrubs and weeds grown in that area which actually makes the place haunted.

The Archeological Survey of India has put up a notice board stating that entry to this haunted Fort is proscribed after sunset and nobody is allowed to stay not even at the nearby places up to 2 kms. But still this place attracts tourists during day time and life seems to exist there during day time. Every researcher was on constant search regarding the exact reason as why this place is haunted and what happens to the person who stays there after sunset but sadly to say that no secret behind the fort has been revealed.

Haunted Bhangarh Fort

The main problem with the Bhangarh Fort is that there is no power supply because of which nobody can exactly predict what is actually happening over there. Some people say that there are wild animals living in that area and many more stories were published. The actual life after sunset there is just like a still camera. But the actual reason is still not known.

So, do you want to spend a night at Bhangarh Fort alone????????