Side Effects of Artificial Sweetener on Your Health

There is significant awareness about harmful effects of consuming too much sugar in world. People prefer an artificial sweetener which comes with a serious cost that they not know. There are major side effects of artificial sweeteners. Best possible  alternative is to remove or reduce sugar from your menu as much as possible. Side effects of artificial sweeteners are explained here

 Weight Gain

Artificial sweeteners contain   carbohydrates. They increase your hunger and increased appetite end with more calorie consumption, which ultimately results to weight gain. You always eat larger chunk when you consume  foods with artificial sweeteners.


Scientist found that too much consumption of artificial sweeteners instead of regular sugar is one of the serious causes of diabetes. It may disrupt body’s ability to adjust blood sugar, causing metabolic disorder that can be precursor to diabetes.

Metabolic Syndrome

It has been noted that people eating artificial sweeteners on daily basis have a multiple risk of shrinking metabolic symptoms  as compared to non-consumers. Metabolic Syndrome is a set of conditions that frequently include high blood sugar levels, blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels-that occur together, and excess body fat around waist, and increase your chance of stroke ,heart disease and other cardio diseases.

Cardio vascular disease and high Blood Pressure

According to study the chance of coronary heart disease gets particularly higher in those who drink more than two artificially sweetened beverages a day. The same result apply on sugar sweetened foods it boosts the chance of cardiovascular disorders.

Taste Buds become inactive

Artificial Sweeteners are a lot sweeter than compared to regular table sugar. The introduction of your taste buds to such high power of sweetness makes them less receptive to naturally existing sweet products, such as honey and fruits. Also, when your taste buds become inactive, you tend to seek out sweeter food to satisfy your sweet addictions.


If you are honestly looking for a sugar substitute, then it’s always better to go for natural sweeteners like fruits and Honey. It will deliver taste without being a possible hazard for your health.