‘Pokémon Go’ Guide with Tips, Tricks and Secrets

It seems that everyone has been busy with catching Pokémon since the official release ’ Pokémon Go in the US from Niantic Labs. The mobile game has been noted for being one of the first widely elected expanded reality implementations, shooting to the top of the app store even triggering a few injuries and motor accidents due to the consciousness nature of the game. For those who are either just starting out, or for those looking for some important hacks, we’ve collected a few of our best tips and tricks to assist you become the topmost Pokémon trainer.

1. Wait for smaller circles to be seen.

smaller circles Pokemon go

In order to maximize your possibility of catching a Pokémon and stop wasting your Pokéballs, focus at the color and size. The color of the circles indicates how powerful they are — red is strong , yellow is medium and green is weak. Waiting for the circles to contract will maximize your opportunity at stronger Pokemon staying within a Pokeball.

2. Collect eggs at Pokéstops for different way to catch Pokémon.

In order for the eggs to hatch, you require hitting a number of steps in your pedometer, so be confident to walk — or even rollerblade or skateboard — as the app won’t consider if you’re driving.

3. Check precisely which Pokémon are near to you.

Paw prints indicate how close they are: 3 is the farthest and 1 is closest . The lower bar will also indicate when you’re nearby — and be on the lookout for any rustling leaves.

4. Check Pokéstops with active Lure Modules to attract wild Pokémon.

These can be marked by flowing, falling pink leaves and last for 30 minutes. It will fetch 100 coins to use of your own at your nearest Pokéstop, but you can also borrow off of others who set up an existing module for yourself.

5. Visit landmark Pokéstops as they give better choice.

Common ones include monuments, sculptures and post offices, while a national landmark are famous for giving potions and revives or more frequently.

6. Catch certain Pokémon by visiting their natural habitats.

Catch certain Pokémon by visiting their natural habitats

For instance,forest and grassland Pokémon will be near parks, while sea ones will be close to pond and other bodies of water. Gastly will also only emerge at night.

7. Use AR function when struggling to catch more tame Pokémon.

Keep them in your field of vision for as long as you can, otherwise they’ll move away. Turning off this option also enable you to view and handle them more easily.

8. Fully utilize the Battery Saver option in the setting menu by turning the phone upside down.

The screen will display Pokémon logo and consume the low amount of battery while still counting steps and vibrating when a Pokémon is close.

9. Take benefits of unusual attacks in gyms.

When fighting in a gym, charge up your Pokémon and free a special attack by long pressing on the mobile screen. However, be warned that most fight frequently won’t last long enough to use this type of hacks.

10. Start off with Pikachu.

At the beginning of the game, avoid others like Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander, when initially starting out and ultimately Pikachu will appear in the wild.