Planet with Two Suns with Dual Sun Sets and Rise

If , someone will ask  a question . Is there any place where we  can see  two sun ? Then don’t hesitate to  say “Yes”.In our  universe there are  many solar system which have twin stars and planets which orbiting these star and  called circumbinary planet. These planets have unpredictable weather and  temperature.

Scientist detected 20 circumbinary planets with one unconfirmed star system entry MACHO-1997-BLG-41.

NASA launched Kepler space observatory on March 7, 2009 to find earth like planet in this universe . Since 2009 , kepler observed 10 circumbinary planets having twin star. In 2011 Kepler-16b discovered  which is made from half rock and half of  gas and similar to our solar system planet Venus . Kepler-16b orbiting stars which is smaller than our sun. one is 69 % of our sun and  other is 20 % of our sun. This planet lies outside habitable zone and water may be present on its surface because both stars are cooler than our Sun. It takes 225 day to complete its orbit. If, we exchange  sun with   star system Kepler-16b then our earth temperature would be less than 200 Kelvin.

After that ,In 2012 Kepler 64 ,Kepler-34,Kepler-35,Kepler-38,Kepler-47 b,Kepler-47 c found. In 2015 Kepler-413 and Kepler-453 B discovered.

Star system Kepler-47 located in Cygnus constellation which also known as Swan. This star system having two planet Kepler-47 b  and Kepler-47 c. The outer planet Kepler-47 c comes in habitual zone like earth but it is formed with gas and not suitable for life like our planet Uranus .


Temperature and weather on planet lies in  binary  system changes at rapid rate  because of two star system .They have more day light which initialize  every process at rapid rate  which not initialize in absence of light.

Eclipse occurs on these planets at every week or month depends on their orbit completion time.

Kepler 413 b is 2,300 light-years from earth and  present  in Cygnus constellation with  small orbit time of   66 days. This planet is too warm for life.


The latest discovery is  In Lyra constellation  which is 1400  light years from earth with star system Kepler-453 B . This planet is also not suitable for life but  moon of this planet could be  suitable for life .This planet  6.2 times of  earth.

In future the count of binary star system may increase. Until these discoveries gives us  wing to think outside the box and inspire us  to imagine anything.  In coming future we will discover  amazing planet which satisfy every condition that fulfill origin of life in multiple star system. These star systems influence us and lead us to new possibilities beyond what we think we know at present.