Parasite who replace his body with Host Organ for survival: Cymothoa Exigua

No one knows what else nature has in store for us to discover like Cymothoa Exigua , one parasite who live in the body of his host fish and replace fish tongue with his body by hooking its claws into the tongue that cause blockage of blood flow to the tongue. Cymothoa exigua observe the blood going to the tongue until the tongue falls off itself. After atrophies fish tongue it feeds on blood, mucus, and of whatever the fish is eating.

Scientist says it only harms fish up to this level and not does more damage. Length of female parasite is between 0.3 to 1.1 inches and male parasite reach between 0.3 to 0.6 inches long (7.5-15 mm).

In their life cycle parasites are born as males and they are able to change their sex according to presence of other parasite in fish mouth. If there is female already living in fish mouth and male parasite attached with fish not going to change his sex. One of male changes his sex if there is no female parasite living there. After mating they give a birth of male parasite in fish mouth.

Cymothoa exigua belong to family of   Cymothoidae and enters in fish body through gills.

After the death of host fish Cymothoa exigua separate itself and leave fish mouth cavity by clinging to its head or body externally. No one knows then what happen to parasite in the wild .

Cymothoa Exigua found in  Gulf of California south to north of the Gulf of Guayaquil, parts of the Atlantic and  Ecuador as lives  in 2 meters to 60 meters deep water. Cymothoa Exigua can bite if they are still alive .They are widespread thorough the oceans but not known threat to humans.

The weird live style of Cymothoa Exigua may   threaten many of us but it also open doors of mysterious creature who have no normal life style like other.