One village where boys are considered unfortunate

At India Bangladesh Boarder there is a small village Mawlynnong located at northeastern state of Meghalaya . This is place where Khasi  tribe  live, But this is not a thing  about this tribe  that draw attention of people. The thing which is very special about Khasi tribe is culture of the village, where girls are ruling.

This village is known by several names like God’s Garden  The pride of India or Asia’s cleanest village. In this village population of Khasi tribe is near 500 home.

It is one of the world’s rare societies where only women’s rule .This is against the male dominated society of world. Here girls can be seen playing without any restriction without any constraint of tradition.

Girls contribute in family income since childhood. They are the main contributor of family income.

According to great culture of the family the little girl has to inherit the money and property of their parents. Children of the family use the surname of their mother. Using mother surname is not common around the world in many community children are supposed to use surname of their father.  This Specific tradition of Khasi  tribe  speak the most about the position of girls in the family.Only boy in the family is considered to be the most unfortunate and they have to live at his mother-in

Law’s home  after marriage. Daughters are often more desirable than boys, and a family with just sons is supposed   to be miserable, because only daughters can guarantee the continuity of a community.

Women are very respected in the Khasi tribe .Khasi women are free to choose their life partner and she can also give divorce whenever according to her wish. There is no constrain on her .Everyone accept her decision respectively. Khasi   tribe families lives in the villages are very poor, but their social structure is totally different than other .Society dominance  of women make this village one of the cleanest in the world.