Nanu App Listen to an Ad and Make Free Calls around the world

There are many apps available in market allow you to make voice calls for a fee but at the same time come with some issue that cannot fix and if you’re calling a telephone number then you need to pay some amount for the privilege. These apps need both side users to have same app.

A voice calling app Nanu that claims to use much less bandwidth than comparable products, and comes with a facility that makes calls entirely free.

The way it works is very simple – Nanu gives you a few free credits each day, and you can use credit to pay for phone calls. The credit it gives is not very good, but you can also perform actions like installing other apps to earn extra free credits. In practice, it’s similar to apps that provide you free recharges to pay for mobile data, but clearly in this case the credit can only be used with Nanu.


Users can call any mobile or landline number using the free credits provided by the app with good quality call.

The point is that the free credits don’t carry forward from one day to the next .You can’t keep free credits over the week to use in an hours-long call to the US on the weekend.

The interface of the app is pretty simple .you’ll see recent calls, and you can enter Nanu’s dialer to call anyone. You can check the credit balance and remaining minutes of talk time directly from the dialer.

By using  the menu, you can check the free credit, and you can go to the Free Credits option to earn more money. You can earn extra by downloading the Amazon app or playing a Web game.

Testing the app across 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, the call quality continued extremely clear. Even on 2G connections, you could hear the other user very clearly. Nanu claims that it consume 80 percent fewer data than other VoIP app such as Viber and Skype .

The company confirms that Nanu consume 105kb of data per minute, and when you call someone, you’ll also listen to an ad while expecting for the other user to pick up the call. Calling within India costs you 2 credits per minute, and you can check the rates for other numbers.

Thanks to daily credits  and ad-supported calls , Nanu provides actual free calling around the world. That’s not a bad deal, and it works on both  Android and iOS .