Mystery of Skeleton Lake Roopkund Lake India

If you are traveling in Himalayan region and found a pleasing lake surrounded by beautiful mountain. First thought that come in your mind may be come close to lake and enjoy the beauty of lake with clear water. When you reached near lake you observe the lake is encircled with 200 human Skelton. This scene of Human skeleton around lake generate a wave of shocking thoughts.

This is a true story about Roopkund  glacial Lake located in Uttarakhand India.It  is  5,029 meter high from sea level and also known as famous trekking destination. Its depth is not more then 2 meter.In this area no human population exist .

All this reason make us astonished and compel to ask a question  that This Skelton belong to which community ? According to local people all this skeleton belong to king of Kanauj who went to visit Nanda Devi shrine an at this palce all troop encounter a dangerous storm with large hailstones that cause death to all people.

According to other story it is believed that in 1841 General  Zorawar Singh of Kashmir returning from Tibet then the all people from his troop exposed to dangerous weather and lost life.

In other reference  it is said to be suicide ritual conducted  near the lake in between 12th to 15th century. But no one know the actual reason. People make assumption that all life taken by epidemic .

According to researcher   they  solved this mystery all this skeleton  thought  to be part of  Japanese troop  traveling through India via this way as part of a World War II  for  land takeover.

skeleton Lake

In 2004 scientist conclude that at sudden storm group of people hit by tennis ball sized hailstones because  skulls and shoulder bones of the dead people  hit by rounded objects. This is only possible in case of Hailstorm .

Many People have different views. Every one modify this story according to his perception.But the mystery of lake never disclosed.