Mysterious Blood Red Alien Rain Falls in India

What if blood is raining through normal rain falls and no one able to identify the cause of blood red rain and along with rain the supersonic sound boom heard to people? And what if some local people also reports that trees leaves has been burnt and shirked and some of them reports instant formation and disappearance of wells during unusual blood red rain.

Yes I am not discussing any alien film story during rain. This is a very strange and mysterious phenomenon that was occurred at Indian province of Kerala on July 2001.After this in 2006 and in 2012 this weird phenomena repeated.

At that year everyone was expecting normal monsoon rain. When rain started then people observe something weird with rain color, which seems like blood color which is not normal to common people .Red blood rain never happened to this place before. This event not astonished local people but also the world community.

The pattern of rain has specific boundary that it follow .it was raining in local area exist within few kilometers. In other case the normal rain raining from specific distance from red rain.People from different studies who research on Red blood rain came with various possibilities.Some scientist says the red color of the rain is because of meteor that fell on earth before red rain incident.

Red Rain

After working with red rain samples scientist suggest that this was due to biological particles of microorganism which actually living and can grew on 300 degrees Celsius and have no DNA. Red cells were extraterrestrial life and not from earth because the molecular structure of these cells are not identified yet.

In other theory scientist suggest that the cell found on red rain pose a risk to life of earth because in the outer crust of unicellular organism has a high concentration of uranium.Researcher relates these microorganisms as a witness of cosmic ancestry which states that life on Earth was delivered from space and always existed in the universe.

Further research is going on Red blood rain but till now no one  is able to answer why this rain happening on particular place not to other place of earth .