Mysterious Blood falls A Bleeding Glacier of Antarctica

Have you ever heard that there can be a place where blood falls? No, but yes it is true. There is a place in Antarctica which is known as Blood Falls and it is known as one of the alien, curious and mysterious place on the Earth. Most of the people are not that fortunate to visit this place as some people believe that some spirit exists which kills the people and due to which the blood falls over there.

The Blood Falls refers to a waterfall which flows from the Taylor Glacier. But the actual reason behind the Red Falls is the presence of iron oxide, which is red in colour, which combines with the water to form Red water and is known as Red Falls.

As water on the surface of the lake immobilized, the liquid below became even saltier. As liquid was far from the lake, the lake’s salt became additional focused within the remaining water. Today, the water is regarding thrice as salty because the ocean is salty enough that it will not get freeze, even in temperatures falling well below the fresh melting point of 0° stargazer (32° Fahrenheit).

Reddish particles kind as a result of a chemical action between iron and element. The presence of salt will increase the speed of this reaction, permitting the salty water at Blood Falls to seem bright red because it trickles down the ice mass.

The Blood Fall is as high as five storey building and it is known as the coolest place on the Earth which is being compared with planet Mars. The researchers are constantly finding out the exact reason as why it is constantly red in color. The teams researched and found out that there is no Oxygen present in the water and there exists at least 17 types of microorganisms which are thought to be flowing and they are existing in the lake beneath for some 2 million years ago. The regions of underground water are continuously stretching inland from Antarctica coast to 7.5 miles or 12 kilometers. The water is known to be very salty as like seawater.

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