Magnetic Hill that Pull Cars uphill against Gravity

In some place of world automobile rolling uphill against the law of gravity. It is hard to believe for anyone  who experienced  this natural phenomena on their vehicle. Such places known by various name like Gravity Hill,Magnetic Hill, Mystery HillGravity Road or  Mystery Spot.

Spots where the illusion is especially stronger  often become favouirate  tourist attractions.There is one place located on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar national highway, 30 km from Leh and 11000 above sea lavel .

The magnetic hill has become a famous stop for tourists on car journeys. The position  of the road with the slope of the background can produce  the illusion that cars are able to drift upwards.

The local administration has set a board to assist tourists to identify the Magnetic Hill. The board distinctly states the whole phenomenon. So you can also like a first hand experience as you arrive  hill. Place your car on a particular spot on the road with its engines off and you will soon observe  the car moving up at a speed of 20 km/hour.

So when you visit such places, stop at Magnetic Hill and enjoy  the fact that your vehicle is not moving on its own but by how our mind is getting mislead into seeing something exactly contradictory to how it really  is.

Secret  Behind  Magnetic Hill.

This natural appearance is result of one of gap that is in our vision. In Some case human vision is not able to process illusion in absence of  some visible sign  that we use to decide the direction.

This places creates optical illusion making us believe that we are rolling uphill against law of gravity but we are going downhill .

The slant of gravity hills is an optical illusion but people believe that  huge magnet or supernatural forces are at work which are pulling their vehicle .In human being  if horizon is not seen then we cannot decide  the slope  of the road .Leaning object like tree  also reduce our ability to process the vision.

If  we are standing on a slope of 1 degrees it will appear  like a slope of 5 degrees and if we stand on a slope of 5 degrees it may appear  like we  are on a slope of 30 degrees.  Because of this  outcome  the anti-gravity illusion can appear  powerful  than it should be even when we  know the reason.

it is not always easy to explain  that a slope that seems to go uphill is really going downhill.This is a striking ordinary illusion that is found in numerous locations around the world.