Land of Black Magic and Witchcraft Mayong Assam

Whenever we hear the word Black magic then we always relate it with people who do magic to fulfill their wishes at any cost. That cost may be hurt anyone with any mean with help of prohibited practices of the magic world. These prohibited practices are responsible for creating negative energy.


What if someone tells  you there is place where black magic is a part of routine life. Yes you heard right In Assam, India there is a village Mayang in Morigaon district situated on the edge of the river Brahmaputra approximately 40 km from the famous city of Guwahati.

This place is known as Land of Black Magic and witchcraft. Here many stories associated with black magic with the help of black magic people of Mayang disappear person in air. They can control beast with their magical power. They can convert human into animal and vice versa. Mayong people are specialized in creating attraction between two individual. They can travel any place within a minute by magic.

According to history human sacrifice carried out to practice black magic by Mayang People.  Many generations of Mayong involved in practicing black magic this knowledge passed down over generations.

Origin of  name Mayong also have a story Maiibong people live in Assam with time  Maiibong became Mayhong . In Manipuri language Elephant known as Miyong  and Mayhong is mountain area where elephant  survives it is believed that with time Mayhong  become Miyong. In other story older generation use word Maa- R- Ongo for parts of the goddess which later become Mayong.

Mayong  people use their magical power for social welfare. They use it to cure pain of person and finding stolen things of people and for other miscellaneous  reason.People from different region of world come  Mayong to learn magic. All these activities related to magic converted Mayong into favorite tourist destination. People visit this place for their own region.