Indonesian Dani Tribe who cut own Finger to show Grief

It is horrible if someone cut your finger to perform any ritual. Thought of chopping finger is  itself very frightening . No one believe in such activity but this is true for Indonesian Dani tribe .

People from Dani tribe chop their finger to introduce their grief to community. People from this community believe it is crucial to mutilate themselves to show emotional pain. They take this custom as a integral part of grieving process. While attending a funeral of love ones they chop of the top of half finger and apply ashes and clay across their faces.

This tribe live in extremely remote area of Indonesia Papua Province in a town named Wamena which is surrounded by Cyclops Mountains. No one can reach this area without the help of Airplane.

It is guessed that approximate 250,000 Dani people live in this area. They tie string at half of finger before cutting finger so that they cannot feel the pain and amputation become painless. Who execute this ritual are very close family member often parent and relative. After this they precisely burn the area both to prevent infection and bleeding.

This custom only seen in female population of Dani tribe. According to believe if dead person is powerful while living then his soul also remain powerful after death and cause same effect as he does when he is alive.

People from different region have their own heritage and ancestral procedure that they follow to attend death ceremony .Before and after attending death ceremony they follow different set of practice to satisfy soul of dead person.


In Dani Tribe cutting finger symbolize affection to dead one who is integral part of  family and supported them always when they are alive. Dani tribe always remembers dead people by finger which they sacrifice on their death.

This tradition has been banned now but no one know the origin of this custom and why people accepted this way to show their love to dead one? Why these customs apply on female not on male?