Hypervelocity Stars which Travel in Space

We heard many traveling story of people and see various movies where people in space shuttle go from one planet to other. This  is still possible for us because we know some time it is feasible through modern technology but what? if someone  tell us about star that is traveling in space then what would you think? Yes this is reality .There is a special class of star that travel in space and get the speed via which they can escape from galaxy gravitational field.

The speeds of these stars are 745 miles per second which is 2.7 million miles per hour. By this speed we can reach at moon in 5 minute.

Next question that come in our mind is How these stars gain such velocity? Why all stars in galaxy did not have this velocity.

For explanation of these space phenomena scientist have some theories. By observing stars speed and direction scientist can reach at source of stars from where they come and interpret the incident which make them Hypervelocity star.When scientist starts searching origin of star then they found that all stars come from galactic center.

At center of our galaxy there is super massive black hole name Sgr A*. When binary system wander near black hole then one star is captured by it and other is flung away with high velocity.


In other explanation if supernova explosion happen in binary star system then it damages the system and make other star of system fly away with high velocity which is enough to escape the galaxy Gravity.

In other theory binary star orbiting each other and orbiting black hole  Sgr A* with two velocity associated with it.If the velocity of  super massive black hole at the center of mass combined with velocity of binary star system center of mass then their unite velocity is greater to skip galaxy gravitational pull.

In 2005 astronomer discovered Hypervelocity star US 708 which is result of supernova explosion. Researcher gathering data and simulate speed of binary star system with respect with black hole to know the origin of super velocity star and parlely they are simulating supernova explosion in super computer and their effect on  other star of system that lie in binary system.


According to Theory of Panspermia traveling comets, asteroids , meteorites are responsible for spreading life throughout the universe one potential addition of this list is now shooting star or Hypervelocity star which travel in space with its planet that may have life on it.

Scientist has made an important step forward in understanding Hypervelocity star. These step put light on star having unbelievable velocity to measure the expansion of this universe and know their progenitors that are still unknown.