How to remove most embarrassing searches from Google

Google almost knows you better than your family and closest friends . With each search you make or watch YouTube video, the search engine is silently collecting information for a personalized profile it uses to provide you targeted ads. But a brand new tool called My Activity makes it easier than ever to see what information that Google is collecting about you – and delete things you’d rather it forgets. Here’s what you required to know about this new tool and how it can help you handle your privacy.

What exactly is My Activity Tool?

Google has combined the data it has on you into an easy to use interface to find, browse through, or delete your digital search history.It’s basically a dashboard that display you what Google has saved about your online searches going back as far as Google has been following them. You can find it by clicking to (You will possibly be asked to reenter your password as a security reason.)

Once you’ve done this, there should be a large chronological list of things you’ve done using Google’s services as you can find your web and search history Google services (Gmail, YouTube, Drive, etc.), location timeline, and a lot of other details.

How to remove or pause embarrassing searches

For this you need to expand list that appear on Google dashboard after entering password and see each record by the service you used.If you use Chrome and Android for digital activity then you may find a lot amount of detail, especially with regards to your search history and web usage. Putting all together in one timeline is a helpful display, and it may make you clear just how dependent you are on Google services.You can delete records individually, by day, or you can opt for the other option and completely delete the whole data .There’s a another link within the Google timeline that takes you to other Google management tools, like your device history, location history, Play Music search history, and Google Takeout.

There is option you can “pause” Google’s data collection whenever you want for this you need to follow this link From this, you can tell Google to stop saving information about things such as your location history, YouTube watching habits and searches.

Is there a downside to deleting my history – or pausing Google from collecting it altogether?

This only effect Google because it collects data to distribute add which is relevant to your interests and beyond ads, Google uses the information to help personalize their products to users liking, which can result a more convenient online experience. After pausing or removing search history Google will unable to assist you more personalize way. According to Google it uses location history or other search to help you to suggest results quicker and better with more effective way.