Gods on Earth When men become gods Theyyam Kerala

In India people believe by arranging spiritual event one can call their deity or ancestral spirits in someone body and that person get vision by which he can see the future and solve the trouble of people

In north Kerla there is a tradition called Theyyam which is celebrated in Temples of Kerla by People who represent  the lower level  of society . In this event person dressed up according to deity and start dance in temple with music at specific point of dance person get extraordinary power and people say now deity rule the person and men become the god.

When men become the god then he has special power  he is not normal human being like other person. He can see everything which is not possible by common people .He can save people from trouble and predict and forecast future.

People arrange Theyyam as  votive offerings whenever their wish completed. There are many stories where people get true forecast from men who become God during Thyeyyam performance.

There are many stories for the origin of Thyeyyam Festival. One of them is story of Kandanar Kelan Theyyam according to the story a person name  Kelan who belong to Theeya caste came to a hilly area in search of his livelihood through farming. One day a bit intoxicated, he set fire to shrubs in order to clean up the place. Unexpectedly, the fire spread off and kelan was in the midst, fire all around him. There was no way to escape and Kelan climbed a tree as a last resort. Alas, there was a snake on the tree. Kelan and snake fell into the burning fire. Kelan met with death along the snake. It was the time when Wayanatt Kulavan had set out for his daily hunting and he happened to pass through this area.

Wayanatt Kulavan on seeing the burnt body of Kandanar Kelan, touched his body with his bow. Kelan got his life back immediately. Kandanar Kelan who got a rebirth befriended with Wayanatt Kulavan. Thus Kandanar Kelan also become devine and started being performed as Theyyam. As Kelan was found in the forest fire, he was called Kandanar Kelan. Before the Vellattom of Kandanar Kelan,The hunters would go to the forest and return back with their catch. One of the catch is burnt in the fire and Theyyam performance include the enact of intake of this meat.