Flying Fish of Oceans

Flying birds in the sky are very common scene for everyone’s life. All most everyone like flying bird and admire to fly in the sky with them. But this is not possible for human without plane and other flying technology .But some fishes from oceans have capability to fly out of water.

Yes we are talking about Fishes which can fly and swim. They all are grouped in 64 species collectively and not alone in present oceans of earth .They all are found in sun light zone of tropical and subtropical sea waters. Flying Fish belongs to family of marine fish of  Exocoetidae.

Front fins of flying fish act like wing which are usually larger than other fish .For flying, fish required a velocity approx. 60 km per hour .For that fish start swimming at required speed with the strong moment of the tail. After this fish come out immediately to the ocean surface with expanded fins .This act support fish fins as glider and fish seems like flying. Flying fish fly up to 50 meters and cover distance at least 400 meters. In some cases flying fish landing on ships’ decks after flying.

Flying Fish flight

The oldest fossil of a flying fish known to us is Potanichthys xingyiensis dates back to the Middle Triassic 235–242 million years ago and not related to modern flying fish which exist 66 million years ago.

If some want to  see the land of the flying fish then he need to travel country Barbados  where flying fish is National symbol and indicates its important in that country. Flying fish are very popular in this region and cause of several disputes between countries like Trinidad   Barbados and Tobago.

According to scientist Flying fish fly to save itself from predators. Flying fish like source of light and lured by it .Flying fish not fly like bird but glide like glider.

Beautiful Flying Fish