Feeding Dead to Vultures in Parsi Community

What people do with your body after death is not your personal choice it is decided by religion which you follow. Every religion follows their own burial cremation tradition. For them that specific burial cremation is the part of journey that they will travel after death. According to religion believe in every religion where people take birth show a way via which one’s soul get piece and complete its journey after death.

For some people burial cremation seems strange of other community but no one can change tradition and we have to accept it as they are.

In Mumbai which is a part of western  India there is community known as Parsis who come from Persia and  practices Zoroastrianism.

According to Zoroastrian religion Parsi people dispose dead bodies in front of vulture at Towers of Silence also known as Dokhma .


This Tower of silence usually built on high hill. This circular structure spread in 100 meter area with 15 meters height. In this structure there are three different platforms for bodies of men, women and children.

Parsis believe in nature and dead bodies cannot be buried or burnt as other religion practice because the dead body pollutes the earth and its part like water, air, ether and fire. Hence , their dead bodies  left exposed to vultures in Tower of silence so that earth not get polluted and burial of dead body also done in natural way.

Parsis believe in ability of soul to live forever. Parsis remains around the dead body for three days and perform ceremony for dead people. For their burial process vulture are required which consume body within three hours. But unfortunately vultures have disappeared from their region. Vultures are very hard to get reproduce they lay single egg per year when reach at the age of five.

Parsis are very determined to save vultures so that their burial tradition conserve in  future as well. So next time when you see vultures then regards them most prime creature which is very critical for other tradition.

Tower of silence