Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum review for Purchase

Dyson 360 Eye presents a much stronger, more capable vacuum, at the price of a taller unit that can’t fit under low-hanging furniture. Dyson managed to produce something that merges the best of both worlds, creating a robot that’s first and most prominent a vacuum cleaner that’s designed to largely change your entire home cleaning device.

Size and quality

1.Dyson 360 Eye is little taller than most other robot vacuums available in market.

2. it has tank track treads at the front instead of wheels that helps it much less likely to get trapped on a bit of furniture .

3. It can work on different type surface and had no problem on moving between carpet and bare floorboards.


Cleaning restrictions
  1. Dyson 360 Eye has all of the same restriction as a regular vacuum cleaner. That means thin discarded clothing, rugs and thin wires can all get sucked up, jamming the vacuum cleaner and stopping it from doing its regular job.
  2. It cannot climb stairs, so you’ll need to carry it to different locations for cleaning.
Dyson 360 Eye performance
  1. The Eye 360 navigates by using a 360-degree camera to locate where it is.
  2. The 360 Eye has a rotating brush with both carbon and nylon fibre filaments. The nylon filaments are for carpet, dislodging dirt, and sucking it up, while the carbon fibre filaments are for hard floors, unsettle dirt and preventing static from letting it stick to the floor.
  3. The 360 Eye isn’t going to become the substitute for a cordless or traditional vacuum cleaner, and there are some cases where a regular model is better for very tight gaps, cleaning stairs and bigger spills, such as after cooking.
Battery life of Dyson 360 eye
  1. It work 30 to 40 minutes per charge and suction keep working with normal capacity as the battery starts to drain.
  2. Dyson is enough smart to return to its docking station and recharge itself before carrying on.
  1. Dyson Link app control this robot very well. You can start a cleaning from anywhere in the world, the app also lets you schedule permanent or one-off
  2. The app also shows you the area the 360 Eye covered on a clean.
  3. It will also pop-up a notification if there’s something wrong and the manual is built into the app, which could also tell how to fix the issue without having to look it up elsewhere online.



Dyson the Eye 360 is very costly and still you need to use traditional vacuum cleaner to finish off the bits and 360 Eye didn’t manage this with such specification .