Delicious and deadly as cyanide Toxic Fugu Fish dish: Japan’s poisonous delicacy

When it comes to eating, we all are very fond of eating and trying variety of lavish dishes. But there are many dishes available world-wide which can cause a great risk of life. If this dish is served with careless attitude, it can even cause a death of that person. Yes, it’s strange and it’s true which is popularly known as Fugu which is widely served in Japan. Fugu is also known as Pufferfish and it is the dangerous fish in the world. But still people love to eat.

Fugu, which is widely accepted as Pufferfish is considered incurably mephitic due to the presence of tetrodotoxin which is a poisonous part in the body of the fish. So, while preparing Fugu, a special care is taken to remove the toxicant parts so that it does not disturb the flavor of the food.

Fugu Fish

The hotels, motels, restaurants or wherever Fugu is prepared, a strict check is enforced by the laws. The chefs preparing Fugu is put to strict training of 3-4 years. If the chef is qualified then only he/she is allowed to prepare the dish. The Fugu cannot be prepared by oneself at home, as it can lead to serious death of that person.

The liver, being the tasty and toxic part is liked by thousands of people in Japan. Reports say that in 1984, the usage of Fugu was banned in India, because it leads to several deaths after its consumption.

The toxic parts are liver, ovaries and the eyes. The non-poisonous part is the skin of fish. After the consumption of toxic parts, the muscles are paralyzed. After few minutes the victim finds hard to breathe and sooner or later the victim dies. But, now the treatment for the same is also available now-a-days.

You will be surprised that in November, 2011, a chef from Tokyo was adjourned because he served the Fugu liver to a customer. The customer insists to serve the liver and warning was given to customer, but still the chef served him. He was paralyzed. Recovery was made.

During early years, there were about 13-15 restaurants in which Fugu was served. Fugu is rich in variety of nutrients but it is very expensive dish in Japan.