Dead Human Flesh Eating cannibal Aghori monks of Varanasi India

Aghori are the most mysterious monk of Varanasi India. They all are known for their unusual ritual that they practice to appease their Lord Shiva. There are several myths and stories associated with Aghori. Aghori rituals are beyond human imagination because their rituals and practice are mysterious and associated with cannibalism. Most of the people know about them but no one wants to be a part of their worship practice that they perform at cremation site. They assumed as powerful human being having super natural power that they acquired by executing abnormal procedure.
In their bizarre rituals Aghori eat left over from human dead bodies after cremation and use human skull as a bowl.
Aghori always carry human skulls with them according to story once Shiva decapitated one of Brahma’s heads and forced to roam with the head .Therefore all Aghori Follow Shiva by carrying human skulls.
They spread ash on their body that left over after cremation of dead body at the Hindu cremation ground.
To become Aghori one person need to meditate up to twelve year and fulfill all condition in the presence of Aghori Guru to enhance spiritual strength. Aghori consume corpses from Hindu cremating grounds. After eating of human flesh monk start meditating by sitting on corpse which is continued till morning.

Dead Human Flesh Eating cannibal Aghori monks of Varanasi India
Aghori intercourse with corpse and believe that sex in the midst of the dead can give rise to paranormal powers. Aghori eat anything they share their food with animal and can eat leftovers of animal. Aghori monk have ability to fulfill wishes of people, many people come to them to solve their issue which has been solved after getting blessing of Aghori monk. Aghori monk use their excrete to worship Lord Shiva. Regarding this there is a famous story of Tailanga Swami who was slapped and driven out of the Kasi Viswanath temple by a priest because he uses his excrete to worship lord Shiva. At that night Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of King of Banaras and complained about this incident. Aghori monks are expert in black magic and have power to cure diseases that modern science cannot cure. They are able to call the deceased’s spirit and gain control over it.

Aghoris worship wisdom goddesses Bagalamukhi, Dhumavati and Bhairavi with Tara who is one of the form of goddess Kali. They also worship male Hindu deities like Mahakal Bhairava, Virabhadra, Avadhuti and Shiva.Patron goddess of the Aghoris is Hinglaj Mata .