Carnival of Menstruation The Bleeding Goddess Kamakhya Ambubachi India

Menstruation is one of the important life cycles of women in her life. All women have to go through this stage. But, what happens if a menstruation is celebrated? You might feel strange, weird about such celebration. But the more strange part is that celebration of annual menstrual cycle of Mother Goddess. Did this surprise you?
But yes, this is true. This celebration of menstruation is known as Ambubachi Festival which is yearly celebration performed by Hindus in Guwahati, Assam. This festival is celebrated every year in the monsoon season, which falls in middle of June in the Assamese month Ahaar. This is celebrated because of menstruation cycle of Mother Goddess Kamakhya. It is supposed that Mother Shakti (Goddess Kamakhya) goes through her annual menstrual cycle and during these days the spiritual powers are in full swing.
There is no deity but the Goddess is revered in the form of yoni. In yoni, a normal spring flow. The vagina of the Goddess is revered in this temple. This temple was formed when God Vishnu destroy the corpse of Sati  by Sudarshana. The temple was made where her Yoni (vagina of a woman) fell.

This is also known as Tantrik Productiveness festival. During this festival, the temple is full with red colour and everywhere red color is revered. There are two types of Prasad given to the devotees – Angodak and Angabastra. This temple is every year padlocked for three days and no dresses are changed, no Pooja is done, no holy books are read during three days. After three days gate of the temple is opened, the Goddess is adored and Prasad are distributed to the travelers.
Thousands of travelers like Sadhus, Babas, Aghoras, Tantriks, Sadhus, Sadhvis  gathers here to gain more spiritual powers. Some gains spiritual power by giving pain to their body like piercing . Many people from foreign countries are also seen here and they are blessed by Mother Kamakhya. Some says that there are few tantriks which can be seen only for 3-4 days here and rest of the days they remain in privacy.

Kamakhya temple, Guwahati.
Kamakhya temple, Guwahati.