Brides outfit Around the World

Getting married is an important step in every person’s life. A lot of attention goes into arranging the right outfit for the event. In many countries, the bride and groom wear national costumes that reflect their religious beliefs as well as the local customs. Find a wide variety of wedding get-up according to different cultures and countries. Some brides prettify themselves in colorful garments, others paint their hands and faces in accordance with native customs, and some hide their faces totally behind layers of veils or jewelry.

Ethiopian bride

The picture  is of an Ethiopian bride dressed in a native bridal couture and two distinct metal collars.


Kosovo And Macedonia bride

This get-up is an illustration of the unique  bridal outfits worn by women in the Gora region, a remote mountainous place which borders Macedonia.

Bride In Gora Region Between Kosovo And Macedonia

Kenyan bride

Simple  Kenyan bride wear traditional crown attached with her outfit made from beads and other local things.


Nigerian bride

A Nigerian bride dressed with brightly colored lace blouse and patterned kaftan with coral beads.


Japanese Wedding

In Japanese wedding ceremonies, the brides also wear a headgear and white dress —  a hood and white kimono, rather than a princess gown and a veil. An old-fashioned bride wears her hair in a sleek”wedding only” topknot.

Japanese Wedding

Bride in Tajikistan

Bride in Tajikistan wear white dress in wedding.


Balinese bride

Balinese bride wear crown and colorful dress.


Chinese bride

Chinese dressed with traditional costume.

Chinese Wedding

Pakistani bride

Pakistani bride use sehra to cover her face.


Indian bride

Indian bride prefer red color most for her big day.


Israeli bride

Traditional Israeli bride .


Jakarta bride

Bride in Indonesia,Jakarta in plenty of gold.


Matyo Bride From Hungary

Hungarian bride in a native dress and head dress.

Matyo Bride From Hungary

Mongolian bride

Mongolian bride with her glamorous outfit.


Peru bride

Peru bride  simple and elegant look.


Romanian Bride From Oas Region

Romanian bride from the Oas region in her traditional dress.

Romanian Bride From Oas Region